Old Yankee Cutting Boards Premieres New Website

After months of planning and development, this week we premiere our new Old Yankee website. It brings on a touch of nostalgia as I reflect on how far Old Yankee Cutting Boards has come from its original roots in Glenwood, ME and it helps me to realize just how much the world has changed during that time. In that almost 40 years, here are some of the differences that we at Old Yankee Cutting Boards have seen:
In 1972 our products were made in Glenwood Plantation , a town with no electricity or running water and a generator was used to operate major equipment. Old Yankee’s cutting board production was mostly accomplished with hand tools.
In 1972 we chopped down much of our own wood by hand and ran it through the saws and planers to create our cutting boards and other wood products.
In 1972 sales were made by customers walking into our shop and purchasing or ordering their cutting boards directly and usually paying by CASH. Did we even have credit cards then?
In 1972 ordering was only done through catalogs from JC Penney, Sears Roebuck or Montgomery Ward to name the few that I know existed.

The changes:
In 1972 would we ever have believed that I would be sitting at a computer not much larger than a dinner plate typing this blog to share with millions of people on the internet?
In 1972 would we ever have believed that we would be launching our second website to sell our products worldwide? ( what is the web and what is a website?)
In 1972 would we have believed that we could buy and sell products from anywhere in the world without even leaving our homes, by typing our order into a computer, providing our credit card information and sitting back and waiting for someone to deliver it right to our door? Or better yet, forget the “outdated” credit cards and just use your Smartphone  to purchase your cutting board as shown in this article .  Change as in the fact that our cutting boards or anything else could be sold through a website would have been inconceivable in 1972.
  There have been many changes in this world in the last 40 years , some for the better and some not. One thing that is true about this change is that it has definitely made the WORLD a much SMALLER place. Thank you all for your support of Old Yankee Cutting Boards through these past years.
  Although change is constant, remember that Old Yankee Cutting Boards are still made in the same handcrafted tradition, with the same quality hardwood, in the USA . I guess some things never change!

Many, many thanks to all of you, our loyal customers for making this possible. I cannot wait to see what changes the next 40 years will bring.

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