Calling all BBQ Afficionados!

Expertise needed ! We spoke about change in the last Old Yankee blog and there is more change on the way for us here at Old Yankee Cutting Boards. Our daughter and her husband have just moved from Washington, DC to North Carolina. It is a fact that she is getting farther from home, or what once was her home with us, but there may be a silver lining in this dark cloud. BBQ!!! That is one thing that we do not have here in the North . Sure- we have visited the Dave’s BBQ chain in Maine on one of our road trips to pick up that great Maine hardwood. And a new Dickie’s chain recently opened close by but we haven’t tried it yet. But are these are all  just a tease for the “real” thing?  I don’t believe that we have ever had “real” BBQ. Not the kind of BBQ that you see on the food channel competitions or the kind that they travel from No Carolina to Texas for on the Travel Channel. I know that connoisseurs have their preference for dry rub or sauce, Memphis or Kansas City and the list goes on.  We are novices but we are up for sampling so if you have any great BBQ places around the Raleigh area, let us know. We are definitely ready for our taste tests.

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